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About This Video

When it comes to recruitment, the advancement of digital media mobile technology has changed the way companies find the best talent. In fact, stats show that employers receive a greater application rate when video content is added to job postings. You simply can’t judge a company through a phone-call or a job advert, so we felt that a visual tour of the office would be a great way to help you envisage working here.

We wanted to showcase our company to aspiring individuals who were considering applying to a job at DJS (UK) Limited and to attract those who had not heard of us yet. Our video is a way to show potential applicants the aesthetics of the office and the characters that inhabit it.

So if you think you can picture yourself working within one of our teams, check out our careers page and we’ll hopefully see you soon!

Our new office in central Bournemouth!

Ever Expanding

From a small ambitious team tucked away in an office in Ringwood we’ve consistently grown to become an even bigger small but ambitious company. The majority of the original employees at DJS (UK) Limited are still driving the business forward today, and have cultivated a spirited and progressive culture that we are proud to share.We genuinely believe that we should treat our employees as highly as we do our customers. Put simply, every member of our expanding company should have a great experience at work. Not only do we have a UK Employee Experience Award to show for our commitment to our staff’s work life, we’ve created a great video showcasing our thriving environment!