Our new HQ!

After another record year of growth and successful product releases, DJS (UK) Ltd has officially outgrown our offices. Though our beautiful office in Christchurch brought out some great innovations, we knew that our big ideas needed even more space!

That’s why we decided we needed a new office that was easily accessible with room to grow and work well together.

Golden sand, sea views, and the epicentre for one of the UK’s fastest growing digital economies. What’s not to like about Bournemouth?

We wanted an office located in the heart of vibrant Bournemouth and chose a location slap bang in the middle of the town centre with its shops and restaurants, Victorian gardens and sandy beaches. Perfect for a spot of lunch on the beach!

Bournemouth University’s significant campus investments have attracted some of the best talent from the UK, a key driver for research and innovation and the next generation of big thinkers.