Who We Are

DJS (UK) Limited is a fintech company, founded in 2012. Our six main principles all work together to build a better, stronger business.

About Us

DJS (UK) Limited is a fintech company, building bespoke and innovate software solutions within the financial sector. Our products include Leadtree Global, a Financial Services Affiliate Network and real-time lead management system, and PiggyBank, the UK’s fastest growing short-term lender.

We are a dynamic team that thrives on innovation and improving our processes wherever possible, to deliver positive outcomes for our customers at all times. As we have grown as a business, we have endeavoured to ensure that we never stray from this philosophy.

DJS (UK) Limited is always striving for more, which is evidenced by our amazing customer feedback, in addition to industry recognition from esteemed awards bodies.

Our History

DJS (UK) Limited was founded in April 2012 and attributes its name to our three directors, Dan, Julian, and Simon. The initial team had an abundance of experience between them, with backgrounds in a range of industries.

The goal when creating DJS (UK) Limited was to prove that great was not good enough, and never let the needs of the business outweigh the needs and satisfaction of our customers. The positive feedback we receive, and the fact that a large percentage of our customers are repeat users, are a testament to the fact that we are achieving our primary objective.

Our rapid growth is proof that our philosophies continue to be well received and demonstrates what hard work and determination can achieve.

Our Philosophy


The Best Outcome Isn’t Always The Simplest One

We are always striving for the correct outcome, whether it be for our customers, staff or stakeholders. The path may not be the easiest one, but we’re not afraid of a bit of hard work.

Transforming Innovation Into Value

Innovation isn’t always enough in business. We create with purpose. We don’t want to be the biggest company, but the best, and streamline our processes to reflect this.

Own The Problem, Share The Solution

We’re all human and make mistakes. Regardless of whose mess it is, we’ll share the work cleaning it up. We know that we can achieve more working together to solve a problem.

Suits Don’t Make You Think Smarter

Dressing smartly won’t improve your intellect. Why wear a stuffy suit, when you can be comfortable in your wardrobe? Working hard is more important than dressing to impress.

Fulfilment Through The Challenge

We don’t like to sit idle. We’re fast paced and brimming with creative ideas. So we are constantly challenging ourselves to strive for more.

The Right People Achieve The Right Result

We don’t hire people just to increase our numbers. If you’re working in the right company, in the right role, there is no end to what you can achieve.