Over the years DJS (UK) Limited has worked extremely hard to develop innovative technology, provide great customer service and a commitment to offering the best employee experience. As a result, we’ve been recognized regionally and nationally by a variety of esteemed bodies. Below is a list of accolades that every member of DJS (UK) Limited has proudly contributed to.



Lending Awards

The Lending Awards are the only awards in the UK that connect the consumer, business lending and residential industries. This is a wide spectrum, and we were incredibly excited to be nominated for several categories. Although our goal is not to become the largest lender within the short term lending industry, but to deliver the right outcomes for our staff and customers, being recognised on such a large stage is exciting and motives us to strive for more.

PiggyBank are thrilled to have won the ‘Alternative Consumer Lender of the Year’ category!

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UK Southern Business Awards

The Southern Enterprise Awards focus on small and medium sized businesses that are often overlooked, despite their various achievements. As a fintech company, DJS (UK) Limited were proud to be awarded the ‘Best Short Term Finance Software Developer’.

We develop all our systems in-house, tailoring them to fit our needs rather than buying off-the-shelf products that won’t necessarily suit our needs. The building of our new CRM system led to us winning this award, which we felt was a testament to the hard work our development team undertake on a daily basis.
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UK Employee Experience Awards

As a result of our expansion and the subsequent changes to our working environment, we were nominated for the UK Employee Experience Award earlier this year. This award focuses on staff retention, support levels, and general sense of happiness and wellbeing.

DJS (UK) Limited is proud to have a fantastic sense of community and culture within the business, and we were thrilled to be recognised for this. We always try to invest in our staff, and provide benefits and incentives, such as a free healthy breakfast each morning. The environment we have created and nourished earned us a silver award for employee experience.
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Business Brilliance Awards

We were recently shortlisted in the ‘Brilliance in Customer Service’ category for the Business Brilliance Awards! We have always been proud of our levels of customer service, and were excited to have been recognised for this key area of the business.

The awards are aimed at companies across all sectors, so being a finalist is a huge honour. The awards ceremony will take place on 7 December – we’ll keep you posted!


Best Companies Accreditation

In October, every member of staff was invited to take part in an anonymous survey, which was created by Best Companies, to measure workplace engagement. The results were recently published – we’re thrilled to announce that DJS (UK) Limited were awarded with the highest accolade – the “Extraordinary” three stars!

Not only does this survey show that our employees enjoy working for the business, it also offers us an opportunity to improve. We are currently using the feedback we received to implement new initiatives, to ensure that we’re always striving to do better, and offer our staff as many benefits as possible.


Consumer Credit Awards

For the second year running, PiggyBank were nominated in the Consumer Credit Awards in 2018. The award puts ‘the customer at the heart of the industry’, as it down to the consumer to determine the outcome.

Smart Money People created these awards to increase transparency and trust within the industry. As one of the key philosophies of PiggyBank is to be as transparent as possible with our customers, we were particularly excited to be listed as a finalist in the ‘Best Short Term Loan Provider’ category.


Dorset Business Awards

The objective of the Dorset Business Awards is to elevate the talent and achievements of Dorset businesses from a local level to a national audience. DJS (UK) Limited were honoured to be listed as one of the three shortlisted for the ‘Scale Up Award’.

We moved to a building almost three times the size of the previous one this year, and have grown in experience and skill also. We hope to keep on this trajectory moving forward, and keep growing in every area of the business.


Collections And Customer Service (CCS) Awards

The CCS Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of those within the customer service and collections industry. At PiggyBank we continually work hard to build upon our strong customer satisfaction objectives. We reach these achievements by focusing on improving the efficiency and training of our Customer Care team.

Our dedication to providing exceptional customer service has meant that PiggyBank has been shortlisted for four separate categories within this award. These are: Best Contact Centre Team; Best Conduct & Compliance Culture; Best Customer Service Provider; and Best Collections Technology. We’ll update you with the results soon!


Customer Experience Awards

From the outset, we have prioritised treating customers fairly and with forbearance at PiggyBank. As a short term lender in a competitive industry, we regard a customer’s satisfaction as the heartbeat of successful lender, as we are needed to provide a simple and flexible solution for those who are in need of short term finance. This means that our interactions with new and existing customers needs to be seamless and consistently resulting in positive outcomes. The Customer Experience Awards offer the chance to receive recognition of this goal.

As the awards are open to businesses of all sizes, and in any industry, we were particularly proud to be shortlisted in the ‘Best Contact Centre (Small)’ category. Customer service, regardless of the method of communication, is paramount at PiggyBank, and the area we feel we most stand out in, within the short term lending industry.


UK Business Tech Awards

These awards celebrate innovative technology, as well as recognise the exceptional application of technology to transform and grow businesses. DJS (UK) Limited have always built our systems in house, to ensure that they are not just fit for purpose, they also do not compromise in optimisation or efficiency. As we have grown as a business, the need for streamlining our processes was recognised, and new systems have been developed.

Our development team have recently created new systems to ensure that our agents are able to deliver unparalleled customer service, and reach the correct outcomes at all times. This led to us being shortlisted for both ‘Tech Company Of the Year’ and the ‘Most Impressive Growth’ categories, which was a huge honour.



Consumer Credit Awards

Those who took out any form of credit in 2017 had the chance to leave a review for a range of credit providers, to help find the UK’s leading provider. PiggyBank, our short-term lender, received a host of fantastic feedback, which granted us a place as a finalist in the Best Short Term Loan Providercategory.

‘It’s a testament to the hard work undertaken by every member of the PiggyBank team, our commitment to responsible lending decisions, treating customers fairly and a reflection of our culture of forbearance and delivering positive outcomes to our customers at all times.’ Dan Ware, CEO


Credit Today Awards

The Credit Today Awards celebrate market leaders within the credit industry. PiggyBank’s nomination in the ‘Best Company to Work for in Financial Services’ category was a great opportunity to share our pride in our innovative culture and forward way of thinking.

From our working environment to our personal values and motivation, DJS (UK) Limited has created a workplace culture that encourages our team to work at their best and put our customers first. The business has empowered a wide variety of individuals by offering staff exceptional career progression and employee satisfaction.


F5 Awards

The F5 Awards is the only dedicated awards ceremony that focuses on the evolution of the alternative lending market. The awards are designed to reward and recognise excellence and best practice within the industry. PiggyBank were shortlisted as a finalist for six awards in the annual F5 Awards: Best Fintech Lender; Alternative Lending Rising Star; Responsible Lender; Collections and Customer Service Excellence; Alternative Consumer Lender of the Year; and Best Brand.

The nomination for six separate awards was a prestigious honour for the company, as it demonstrates both commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative forms of alternative consumer lending compared to traditional high-street retail banking.