Our Staff

We’re a passionate team made up of finance experts, tech geniuses, customer care agents, designers and marketers. Our goal is to use everything in our arsenal to be more efficient in all we do, and deliver the best outcomes to our staff and customers.

Meet the team

Rob Samuel

Operations Manager

Rob is the Operations Manager at DJS (UK) Limited, and has been with the business since inception. He is involved in every major project within the business, contributing his expertise, and ensuring that the right outcome is always reached for our customers. If you have a question about the company, Rob will undoubtedly have the answer.

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Marc Linley

Recruitment and Training Manager

Marc has been with DJS (UK) Limited for over four years, and has never slowed down in that time. Regardless of how big or small the problem, he’s always a good man to approach. Marc not only acts as a Recruitment Manager, he is also in charge of training new staff members. Marc treats each day as a new challenge, and greets it with a beaming smile.

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Jade Cordial

Project Manager

Although Jade joined DJS (UK) Limited relatively recently, the changes she has implemented have been revolutionary. She has worked in a number of different roles within the financial sphere, which has given her a holistic view of both the customer journey and the industry as a whole. She constantly strives for improvements that will benefit the business and our customers.

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Matt Baker

Senior Software Developer

Matt has been working at DJS (UK) Limited for around a year, and has worked on a variety of projects during this time. These include designing and implementing an new Outage Manager system, as well as working on the creation of our new CRM and flow systems. Matt is always happy to help, and acts as a mentor for more junior members of his team.

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Juliette Linley

Customer Care Agent

Working within all areas of our Customer Care team, Juliette has flourished within DJS (UK) Limited. She currently works with our customers via email, making sure that the correct outcome is always reached, no matter the method of communication. Juliette is always approachable, and works hard to improve processes to help as many customers as possible.

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Ben Arhin

General Manager for Leadtree Global

Ben manages Leadtree Global: a subsidiary of DJS (UK) Limited which works with brokers and provides real-time leads for short term lenders. He has worked within the business for a number of years, but his passion for finance and marketing have never diminished. Ben is the epitome of optimism, and won’t let stress get the better of him.

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