Why Work For Us?

We’ve collected a few testimonials from staff in a variety of roles throughout the company, about how our colleagues find working for DJS (UK) Limited. If you’re interested in finding out more about working here, you can read the statements below.


Natalie Anderson

Customer Care Agent

I have been with DJS (UK) Limited for eleven months now and I am so glad I made the decision to change jobs. I have worked in the finance industry for the past seven years but for smaller companies, so it has been amazing to work for a bigger industry and to watch the company grow. There are also lots of opportunities within the business.

I work in the main call centre and my main role is to take inbound and outbound calls. I also do a lot of tracing for the call centre if we have lost contact with applicants and if agents are having trouble with their caselists, they will come to me as first point of contact. If need be, I will pass cases to our IT team.

The call centre has a great vibe and it’s nice to come into work and see so many friendly faces with everyone willing to help each other. The office is also in the middle of Bournemouth town centre, which is a great location to be in.

Other benefits of working for the company include incentives throughout the month. We also have a breakout room with a pool table and table tennis, and breakfast and drinks are supplied daily.

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Abbie Armes

Management Support

I have worked for DJS (UK) Limited for a year and a half, coming from a background in retail sales. Outbound insurance was my first call centre job before now.

The option to progress internally is immediately made very evident within the business as all roles are always advertised internally first, which allows people to work hard to achieve their next steps fairly quickly. Managers are very ready to notice the best in everyone, and encourage staff to put themselves in the shop window for any promotions available.

I began working in the main call centre as a Customer Care Agent and within the year worked up to a Management Support role. I am now heavily involved with the training of any new starts, especially in their first four weeks.

DJS (UK) Limited is personally my favourite employer to date. Management have a great mix of professionalism needed to run a business and also create a more relaxed, informal and laid back atmosphere. It is lovely to work for a company where all staff support each other unconditionally, and it is a refreshing change to walk into a job where everyone is upbeat and excited, for not only that day but for the upcoming rapid growth within the business.

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Dan Bennett

Customer Care Agent

I’ve been working at DJS (UK) Limited for four months and although it may not be a very long time, I can honestly say this is the best company I’ve worked for.

DJS (UK) Limited is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the treatment of staff. Everyone within the business has a voice to be heard and the opportunity to progress: you just have to want it! It has a great working environment, from the modern office, to the smiles and laughter from the employees as you walk through really makes you enjoy coming to work.

DJS (UK) Limited not only treat the staff great, they truly believe in treating our customers fairly and ensuring that helping them is the number one priority. I can’t wait to see what is to become of this fantastic company and I’m happy to be a part of this journey.

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Sam Baxter

Senior Finance Assistant

I’ve worked for the company for just over four years and can honestly say I have never worked for anyone quite like DJS (UK) Limited. I started out in our Customer Care team, but I wanted something more challenging. I wanted to be able to progress with a career. DJS (UK) Limited gave me that opportunity.

I moved from the Customer Care team into a Finance Assistant role (and then into a Senior Finance Role). The company have helped me every step of the way. They helped cover costs for my training and have provided constant support. I wouldn’t have been able to progress in such a short period of time without the support network within the business. This support network is available to all members of staff and has benefited many. Where possible, DJS (UK) Limited will always look to promote from within.

Being part of the DJS (UK) Limited team is being part of something special. A business which is always growing and looking for individuals to step up. If you have a specific interest within the organisation you want to move to, the senior management team will do all they can to help you progress.

There are incentives all year round and a staff discount card for the local area. You have a great sense of belonging when you are part of this team and as such, I don’t know why you would want to work anywhere else.

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Alix White

HR Assistant

I have worked in the financial industry for eight years and have been with DJS (UK) Limited for almost six years now. When I started with the company, I worked as a Customer Care Agent and have subsequently moved on to work in several different departments throughout my time here.

The various roles that I have taken on have provided me the support to expand my knowledge and experience in different areas of the business; which has allowed me to find a department which I feel most suited to. There is a lot of opportunity for internal career progression if you are willing to work hard.

DJS (UK) Limited have not only helped me to learn more about the business and the financial industry, but have also supported me through my time at university, and also through my return from maternity leave. They have been extremely flexible; which has allowed me to continue working. I look forward to all the adventures to come.

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