DJS (UK) Limited Is 3 Star Accredited!

We recently achieved the maximum of three stars from Best Companies!



We know that we’re a fantastic business to work for, but it’s recently become official. Each member of staff were invited last month to participate in the Best Companies survey, and the results are in – we were awarded with the highest accolade – the “Extraordinary” three stars!

DJS (UK) Limited wanted to participate in this survey to not only ensure that our staff are happy, but to find out areas in which we can improve. No company is perfect, but we strive to get as close to perfection as possible! The feedback we received will help us to become a stronger, happier business, and will also provide a benchmark for further improvement initiatives.

We are delighted to have earned three stars, and enjoyed working closely with Best Companies to make the most of the survey and our results.

Best Companies launched in 2001, with the goal of truly measuring workplace engagement in order to make improvements where needed, and build a happier workforce. Since then, they have grown and collaborated with other companies, and become arguably the biggest name in the field of employee engagement.

‘Our lists and accreditations are now recognised as the standard in workplace engagement, with specific categories for small organisations, medium-sized organisations, large organisations and not-for-profit organisations and one dedicated to housing associations.

Today we work with some of the world’s best-known organisations: measuring, improving and recognising great workplace engagement.’

If you’re interested in working for DJS (UK) Limited, and joining us in our journey of growth, we are currently hiring – check out our Careers page for more information.