Look Smart, Think Smart?

Does what you wear really make a difference to how you think? Can better cut cloth improve your brainpower? Probably not.

Imagine walking into a shop and looking at the smartest range of clothes they offer. Perhaps a flawless suit, or a flowing ball gown encrusted with diamonds. Now picture yourself trying the outfit on (you look stunning). Is the picture clear in your mind?

Now I bet you’re not dressed to the nines currently and are perhaps even lounging in your pajamas. So clearly you don’t need to be dressed smart to use your imagination, or come up with new, innovative ideas.

One of our key philosophies at DJS is that suits don’t make you think smarter, though you may look smart in them. Innovation is essential in just about every industry, and we try to sit down with a cup of tea at least once a week to discuss how we can improve and develop as a business. And if we can have this talk outside in the sunshine (British weather permitting), in shorts and a t-shirt, even better.

People wandering around in floral print shirts and flip-flops is not the only refreshing aspect of the culture of DJS however. When speaking to any of my colleagues about the atmosphere of the business, they all commented on the positive energy and sense of community. To be fair, it is a lot easier to have a sense of community with such an open plan office. You don’t have to walk more than twenty steps to reach just about any member of staff, including the CEO, and the only door between teams is for the IT Team. Apparently the rest of us are too loud for them to concentrate on important computery projects (I have very little idea as to what they do…).

Perhaps it helps that we’re such a small business, but how many companies have the CEO wandering around, asking people how they are, and having conversations about the films of Twilight? How likely is it that the call-centre manager skips around desks vibrating with positive energy? If he wasn’t so nice, it would almost be sickening. If we have too many calls to handle, the managers pick up the phone and start answering questions and discussing options with our customers. Honestly, I have never worked anywhere quite like it.

Another favourite aspect of the business is the attitude of ‘work hard, play hard’. With the additions of a pool table and a table tennis table set up in the break room, the playing has become literal, and the competition is fierce. Leagues have been set up, and you can often spot someone sneaking off to fit yet another practice round in!

Now we don’t like to brag, but this fantastic atmosphere did win us an award. You can read more about it HERE. The silver award for employee experience is a pretty fantastic achievement, and we are always striving to make DJS a more fun place to work. The introduction of free breakfasts, from cereal to croissants, was incredibly popular, and suggestions are always welcome. I’ve been campaigning for a tree-house for years, but apparently having trees on the property is a must.

The question I’d like to ask you at this point is do you wear a suit to work, or are you expected to dress smartly? Are you able to think smarter in it, or have more fun? Perhaps you should suggest more casual wear for your office. Or you could apply to work for us: we are currently hiring!