We’ve Won a UK Southern Business Award!

We’re proud to have been recognised as the Best Short Term Finance Software Developer in the UK Southern Business Awards.

 We’re thrilled to announce that DJS (UK) Limited has recently been awarded a UK Southern Business Award! We are excited to have been recognised regionally as the Best Short Term Finance Software Developer, particularly in an area with countless thriving businesses.



DJS (UK) Limited recently won a UK Southern Business Award! These awards focus on small and medium sized businesses that may not be making the biggest waves, but are achieving daily successes nonetheless. Smaller businesses are often overlooked when it comes to recognition, so we were delighted to win the ‘Best Short Term Finance Software Developer’ category in these awards.

The south of England has the second highest annual turnover in the country, with greater London coming in first. When it comes to the number of flourishing start-up companies, Bournemouth beats even London. With such a competitive market, DJS (UK) Limited are proud to stand out as a young fintech company through this award.

Our business was recognised for creating a bespoke platform in house, which allows us to better service our customers and work more efficiently. We are always striving to work smarter, and make our processes more streamlined. Additionally, as cliche as it may sound, we make sure that we put our customers at the heart of what we do on a daily basis. It’s essential to find the best solution for the customer, not just follow the path of least resistance, and we use technological innovations to do this.

UK Southern Business Award


The awards are judged by an international panel of experienced judges, with backgrounds in a variety of fields. These include business, journalism, media, and languages. The UK Southern Business Awards are sponsored by SME News, a unique magazine ‘for the CEOs, leaders and decision makers in the UK based SMEs looking to keep their finger on the pulse and stay ahead of the competition.’

The finalists are selected through two channels: in-house research on the part of SME News, as well as votes gathered from a network of respected industry partners. Every aspect of a business is examined before the winners are decided, from performance over the last year to a company’s commitment to innovation. Over the last year, DJS (UK) Limited have grown exponentially and have developed a number of technological advancements that contributed to the winning of this exciting award.

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