Leadtree Global

Leadtree Global uses market leading technology, lean methodology and our unique creative flare to produce efficient, simple and profitable solutions for affiliates, brokers, and lenders in the short term loan space.

About Leadtree

Leadtree Global is a leading financial services affiliate network dedicated to servicing the underbanked in the UK and the USA. We help match borrowers who are excluded from traditional finance to lenders who look at more than a credit score.

We have created a bespoke system using market-leading technology and lean methodology that works with lenders, brokers, marketers, affiliates and many other financial services providers. Our industry-defining reporting dashboard and filter management systems gives both advertisers and publishers total control of their own channels.

Our Approach

  • We’re focused on delivering the widest range of choice that empowers consumers and encourages informed decision-making
  • We use the extensive data we gather from customer applications to effectively segment and profile traffic based on certain shared characteristics
  • We apply predictive analytics to selectively filter traffic increasing conversions for lenders and more cost effective than PPC
  • We have access to significant traffic which can be segmented for the most targeted form of lead generation
  • Leadtree Global has a proven track record in the B2C financial market
  • We purpose build technology with seamless integration
  • We’re FCA compliant


225Partner sign ups
1.6m+unique leads